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As part of our project planning process, our studio has designed and created various objects such as furniture, lighting fixtures, and home wear. We have recently decided to offer these items in limited editions and by custom order. We ship worldwide, and shipping fees vary depending on the region. Rest assured, we will search for the best shipping option to meet your needs at the time of your order. 

F08 chair

coming soon...

colors: customizable

stool price: 

F07 stool system

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dimentions: 50X30X30cm

colors: customizable

stool price: 500 $ (shipping not included)

F04 bench/table


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dimentions: 45X30X120cm

colors: dichroic

table price: 2500 $ (shipping not included)

L01 lightfixture


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dimentions: 10X15X120cm

colors: gradient

Lightfixture price: ??? $ (shipping not included)

 To place an order, feel free to reach out to us via email or direct message on any of our social media platforms. We'll do our best to identify the optimal shipping method for your country. Please note that we collaborate with UPS.

All designs, images, and intellectual property associated with this custom piece of furniture are the exclusive property of Simon Barazin and Studio S.B. This includes any sketches, drawings, photographs, or other materials used in the creation and production of this piece. All rights are reserved and any reproduction or use of these materials without the express written permission of Simon Barazin and Studio S.B. is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of this design will result in legal action. Thank you for respecting our intellectual property and supporting our business.