“Together, we can craft your unique story by creating captivating physical spaces that reflect your contemporary, and personalized perspective.”

mural art by dima corma

HI!, we are Studio SB, a creative architecture and design studio that specializes in a variety of disciplines. Our founder, Simon Barzin, is a former architecture lecturer at the Bezalel Academy with a degree in architecture from the same institution. Prior to starting the studio, he spent six years working in an architecture firm specializing in urban design and international competitions, as well as private interior projects. In the end of 2020, he established Studio SB, which focuses on designing commercial spaces, residences, furniture, and lighting.

Our team includes architects, designers, programmers and artists. Our work has been featured in prominent design and culture magazines such as The New York Times, FRAME, and ArchDaily. One of our notable achievements was winning second place in the international competition Archiprix Milan in 2022 for the Buza project.

Unlike traditional architecture, we approach each project by prioritizing the creation of a unique spatial experience. We don't just plan the architectural floor plan, choose materials, and pick out generic furniture; instead, we start by asking questions such as what the vision is, how it meets people on a spatial level, and what narrative the project tells. We consider how the brand is represented in the virtual space, graphic design, social media, and even users clothing and ceremonies that occur within the space. Our goal is to complement and enhance the content, not compete with it or overshadow it.

Our studio distinguishes itself by taking a holistic approach to architecture. We don't limit ourselves to designing infrastructure walls and finishes; rather, we take into account everything from the walls and finishes to the furniture, lighting, and even the selection of serving utensils. To achieve a high level of precision, we use a variety of innovative tools such as VR, realistic simulations, 3D planning, and high detailed technical construction drawings.

Adress: herzel 158st Tel-aviv

Email: simonbarazin@gmail.com
Phone: +972532813382

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