Project Status:  wip
Size: variable
Year: 2020
Budget: variable
location: variable
Collaborators: Tom melnik, Tal baltuch


“Furniture, according to [French theorist]

Baudrillard, simultaneously serves as objects of use and objects of desire, evoking in us emotional aspirations of ownership and collectivity”.

Space can articulate its definition by positioning furniture and objects within it and the resulting production of movement and hierarchy.

F04 proposes a definition of space from the inside out. The artifact is not merely positioned in space, but has the Lucent ability to reflect light and emotions outward. F04 incandescent nature radiates and projects onto space a gleaming shadow of its form and edges. Its majestic effect exceeds its physical form and bounds. The relationship between the room as a box and furniture as an object inside the box is broken. Instead, a new connection between furniture and space is made - an optical manipulation for an optimistic position.

The object's basic geometry  and shape is identified with two familiar uses - a bench and a table that produce a visual provocation that actually obscures the clear use of the object and intensifies the focus on the effect projected out. In F04 all the joints are clean and no glue or tactile fasteners are used - F04 consists of T-joints technique borrowed from the world of carpentry, The lack of visible connection methods gives the F04 an almost unreal presence that sometimes creates confusion as to whether it is a real object or a computer simulation.

Photoraphy: ido adan