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“As a generation, we belive that we stand at the beginning of a new social revolution in the digital world, where 3D interaction in open and accessible spaces will take center stage. As architects and designers of spatial experiences, we recognize the significant impact we have and believe that our contributions will be substantial to these rising virtual worlds”

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Studio Simon Barazin (SSB), a multidisciplinary architectural firm based in Tel Aviv, is committed to investigating the burgeoning opportunities presented by the Metaverse. Our practice stands at the intersection of traditional architecture and digital innovation, leveraging our expertise in these domains to conceive immersive environments that straddle the physical world and the virtual plane.

In the digital sphere, our role transcends the conventional responsibilities of architects, positioning us more accurately as content creators. We perceive the Metaverse as an augmented layer superimposed on reality, furnishing users with innovative avenues to interact with and perceive the material world.

A recent initiative underscoring our commitment to harnessing the Metaverse for social impact is a project aimed at creating a virtual refuge for young Ukrainians and refugees displaced by conflict. This endeavor seeks to reunite the scattered culture and provide a platform for the expression of their artistry and experiences. This initiative underscores our conviction in the Metaverse as a potent tool for fostering global connections and cultural exchange.

As the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds continue to blur, our ambition is to relentlessly push the frontiers of architecture, design, and technology. Our objective is to foster spaces that facilitate spontaneous interactions and experiences. We are exhilarated by the transformative potential of the Metaverse and are dedicated to contributing meaningfully to its evolution and proliferation.

BL1NDS Show case : virtual art exhibition featuring ronen tanchum’s phygital objects “BL1NDs”

other web3 projects:

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