sofa#01xMF01  table#01xMF01

sofa#01 and table#01 are part of the MF01 collection.

On the one hand, the objects maintains traditional proportions and is adapted to a human's measurements. But on the other hand they are freed from the physical and evolutionary limitations of the real world, in fact it is a hybrid of a representation of a functional object and a speculative virtual aesthetic.

MF01 is a series of objects from a world where their functionality is in doubt! Why do we need physical uses of sitting/resting/enlightenment... In a world without gravity without evolution and without sunlight? why should we mimic the shapes of physical objects in the digital realm?

Through the process of creating digital objects, questions are being asked about the place of traditional architectural representation in the virtual world.

Each #NFT holder will receive a 3d file of the object

available at: FOUNDATION.APP

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