Project Status: Done - Temporary structure
Size:  700X250X250cm yard=250~ sqm
Year: 2017
Budget: 23.000$
location: Rotshild st', Tel-aviv, IL

photography : Ran ladin
Architecture : Simon barazin

Description: The Light Box is a temporary structure located in an enclosed courtyard surrounded by two Conservation buildings. The box is part of a nightlife and cultural complex called ‘Drama’, Planed and designed by the studio.

By using translucent Polycarbonate panels and LED lighting, we have created a functional architectural object that is also used as a large lighting fixture. through the light the object defines various areas of the courtyard and creating frosted forms that produced by human movment.

Iron infrastructure covered with translucent Polycarbonate panels and LED ligts, pine wood for the furniture and window/bar frames, ceramic tiles for the inner walls.