L01 modular light fixture

L01 light fixture

Project Status: Prototype 
Year: 2018
location: N/A


Fluorescent lighting has long been a staple of public spaces, from office buildings and schools to shopping malls and airports. Its bright, cool-toned light is both functional and efficient, making it a popular choice for these settings.

However, over time, fluorescent lighting has also become associated with a particular aesthetic that some consider to be unappealing or even oppressive. The harsh, stark light can create an unwelcoming atmosphere, particularly in older or decaying public spaces.

In some cases, fluorescent lighting has been used to intentionally create a sterile or institutional feel in these spaces, as a way to control and regulate behavior. This is particularly true in settings like hospitals, prisons, and schools, where fluorescent lighting can contribute to a sense of confinement and control.

At the same time, fluorescent lighting has also been embraced by certain subcultures, particularly in the realms of art, design, and fashion. Its bright, otherworldly glow has been incorporated into everything from avant-garde fashion shows to cyberpunk-themed art installations.

Overall, the aesthetics of fluorescent lighting are complex and multifaceted, encompassing both its functional benefits and its associations with power, control, and decay. While it remains a ubiquitous presence in many public spaces,  

fluorescent lighting has influenced the design of the "L01" light fixture, The fixture incorporates fluorescent like bulbs in a way that highlights their unique aesthetic qualities, and playing with the contrast between the cold, industrial light and the colorful and tectile fixture's construction. By embracing the aesthetics of fluorescent lighting, the L01 challenges our preconceptions about this type of lighting, inviting us to see it in a new and more nuanced way.