D01 Duplex appartment

Project Status: WIP
Year: 2021
location: tel-aviv/North


Project D01 was designed for a family of 4 people. The owners are entrepreneurs in the field of coffee and culinary. They purchased a 190-square-meter property with a 40-square-meter balcony for themselves and their children. The project is divided into two levels: the first level contains all the bedrooms, closets and wet rooms next to a public space that includes a cinema space and a small kitchen used to prepare coffee blends according to customer expertise. The top floor contains all the social functions of the house - blue central And open kitchen, that continues to a stainless steel kitchen located in the balcony, dining area, living room, work area and small shower room. The complex is surrounded by a 40 sqm balcony containing several seating areas and a variety of plants from the local climate with a view to the mediterranean sea. We completed the hospitality and living experience with custom furniture and lighting such as The L02 light fixture hanging over the blue kitchen island, the green L01 light fixture designed and engineered in the studio. Blue bar stools and a round hospitality table. On the first floor we designed a 5 meter long sofa that also serves as a shelf And finally the studio's F04 transparent table / bench. The project had a comprehensive approach from the placement plan to the smallest carpentry details in order to adapt the design of the house to the programmatic needs.