C32 - Noga 5

Project Status: Done
Year: 2023
location: jaffa

Photography: simon barazin
Graphic design: studio ETC
Client: San remo group


Throughout the course of history, Jaffa has occupied a pivotal position in various cultures and epochs. Nestled in the Levant and serving as a vital link between the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding basin countries, Jaffa has served as a conduit for a captivating blend of flavors, scents, melodies, and languages. This unique fusion not only defined Jaffa in times past but continues to shape its identity today.

The inception of the Venus project stemmed from a deep-seated desire to celebrate this exceptional character. The San Remo group, comprised of enterprising young entrepreneurs with a portfolio of restaurants, culinary establishments, and hospitality venues in Jaffa, aspired to craft a Mediterranean cuisine that artfully combined the influences of southern Italy, Greece, and the Levant, effectively distilling the cultural essence of Jaffa.

As a dynamic collective of youthful visionaries, we approached the project pragmatically, utilizing readily available raw materials and embracing the intrinsic nature of the existing Ottoman structure. The exposed walls, bearing the imprints of bygone eras, served as tangible windows to history. Untreated metals and locally sourced stone were thoughtfully integrated into the design.

These elements converged around a central kitchen island, becoming the focal point for both staff and diners. From this hub, the ambiance spilled out onto the streets, where the interplay of flavors, music, personnel, and the social interactions made possible by the architecture brought to life the vision of the San Remo group and our design studio. It was a vision centered on the artful mingling of flavors and aromas, seamlessly transported into the present day.

graphic design: studio ETC