C28 - coffee organization studio

Project Status: done
Year: 2023
location: tel-aviv

Coffee Organization Studio embodies the essence of rawness, centered around the coffee bean as the catalyst for human connection. It is a transformative journey that begins in coffee plantations and extends to the final consumed form. Serving as a hub for learning, research, and community, the studio revolves around a shared passion for coffee. The narrative weaves around the possibilities that arise from a fundamental raw material—the coffee bean, which laid the foundation for the CO studio's design.

Spanning an intimate space of approximately 40 meters, the studio's focal point of interaction is a central table. This table facilitates training activities, experimentation, and social engagement. The project's budget posed a challenge, leading to a deliberate choice regarding the materials used. To emulate the natural state of green coffee beans, unprocessed raw materials were employed, deviating from conventional design aesthetics. Exposed plaster, construction gravel on part of the floor, and a concrete cast table with minimal aesthetics allow for future adaptability as the business evolves.

Adjacent to the table, the studio designed a seating system using technical construction materials such as birch wood and Polaritan foam. This choice aligns with the studio's commitment to functionality, innovation and rawness.

Throughout the project, Our Studio played an extensive role, overseeing all aspects of creation and establishment. This encompassed formulating the business idea and concept, architectural planning, crafting a spatial experience, managing graphic design and product photography, establishing a website, and actively participating in spatial photography and documentation.

The studio also focused on employee attire, music, and overall atmosphere. These choices were made to align with the studio's aesthetic and create a captivating experience for visitors.

photography: simon barazin, arseni bodarch

art direction