C23 - 20beans

Project Status: done
Year: 2022
location: tel-aviv

Collaborative project with bata agency and tapa space


20 beans is a new concept coffee shop located in the local market of Tel-Aviv (carmel market). 

with specialty coffee, radical graphics, and an elaborated food menu.

The conceptual basis stems from the context of the market. patched and layered construction aesthetics characterized by raw and unfinished materials. - We wanted to turn this construction method into the aesthetic principle of the project

We used simple and accessible building materials and did not cover or decorate them too much. This method reinforced the idea of using raw aesthetics and helped us meet the construction budget - these elements can be seen in the facade while leaving "loose edges" and fracture marks or texture of blocks. The action focuses on the subtraction of elements, rather than adding new ones as if it were a broken wall that reveals a hidden coffee shop.

The visual elements, developed by Bate agency, complete this digital and physical universe, through screens and LED elements, which clearly speak of a contemporary, monochrome and pixelated language, further enhancing the contrast between tradition and avant-garde of the specialty coffee brand Coffee organization and its own product.

In addition, we planned and designed a unique seating system for the project that complements the concept on the scale of furniture and objects.

The project is a collaboration between Tel-Aviv-based Studio Simon Barazin, tapa space, and bate agency of Madrid. The whole design and concept process was developed virtually at the peak of the Corona pandemic - it can be said that the virtual impact of the ideas that arose while working remotely is in stark contrast to the architectural nature of consistent work with professionals at the site was physically present in this project.