AC05 Conceptual proposal

Project Status: concept
Year: 2017
location: N/A


Since the “Social Justice Protest” The young population of Tel Aviv is pushed out of the city as a result of market forces and gentrification processes
This project proposes a structural and spatial solution of this dwindling demographic. The project is based on two main characteristics:

1. The younger population - unlike other age groups - is dynamic in type of residence and location. As a result of rapid changes in their lifestyle the traditional residential building requiring long-term expensive rental contracts does not meet their needs and cannot be considered a plausible solution. 2. Tel-Aviv is characterized by several light industrial zones within the city itself and depressed economic areas suffering from neglect and absence of urban development these will constitute the focus of this planning proposal.

The project will offer a lightweight and modular housing system that interfaces with these areas by Positioning of proposed housing units on the roofs of light industrial buildings old residential buildings - through lease agreements and rent payment for the space.

The planning proposal hopes to rent the property, land or roof from the owners with the approval of the municipality as most property ownership is private. In this way the local population will receive profit for public needs in the neighborhood and the municipality will be able to use the system as an architectural and urban tool