Chimney hut

Project Status: Competition submission
Size: 480X250X1060 cm
Year: 2015
Budget: NA
location: canada


“Chimney hut” is a playful and curious shelter that invites passers by to its warm interior. The hut’s mesh walls draw upon the countour of the traditional cabin but on closer inspection reveal within themselves al long spiraling chimney and plentiful store of firewood.

Guests are invited to fan the flames in the fireplace using a simple pedal mechanism - helping to heat up the walls of the hut by filling the chimney with hot air.

The design creates a “shelter-machine” focusing on two symbols of warmth - a tall chimney to signal refuge from afar,and a fireplace as the agent of homely comfort. it delivers an intimate experience that asks the visitor to contemplate their own ideas of what is necessary for “shelter” and “home”. 

A collaboration between an architect and an urban artist, chimney hut simplifies the warming elements of a shelter into an elementary, interactive and thought provoking design.

team: itai palti, simon barazin